Letters to the Editor

A Letter to Mayor Hurley from Ann Wilkinson

March 18, 2015

Dear Mayor Hurley,

I have some comments and questions regarding the article in The Millbrook Independent concerning the water.

My Questions asked of the Board of Health (read here).

1) What proof do you have that the water is the same as the water was in 1930? I think this is irresponsible unless you can back up this statement with test results dating to 1930 and onwards.

Letters in Response to "Cell Tower on Fraleigh Hill?"

March 18, 2014

Letters to the Editor in response to the Millbrook Matters post "Cell Tower on Fraleigh Hill?"

To the Editor:

1) While cell towers could potentially increase the value of the lands they are sited on, because of increased revenues, they lower the value of neighboring properties. They lower neighboring property values because, despite the fact that people want cell service, they do not want to live near the towers. The towers emit radiation that is a health concern to many and are, additionally, an eyesore to those near them.
2) While the usefulness of wireless communications is not in question, the need for a tower in this particular location is.

Daytop Village Reopening

Ed Shaughnessy
March 17, 2014

Millbrook Matters would like to share the following letter to the editor submitted by local resident Ed Shaughnessy.

To the Editor:

Having voiced concerns about the current fiscal management of Daytop at the recent Planning Board Meeting, I would like to address additional concerns.

First, let me state that not all Daytop's problems arose from residents. The Daytop facility in Arverne [Queens, NY] was the place that staff defrauded Daytop of a significant amount of money.

Preserving the Rural Nature of Our Town

November 19, 2012

Millbrook Matters would like to share the following letter to the editor, submitted by a local resident.

This letter comes at a time when the Town Board is reviewing the newly completed draft Comprehensive Plan, a plan that will shape the look and feel of the community for the foreseeable future. It comes at a time when there is a growing realization that we need to protect and preserve the rural character of our town or run the risk of forever losing it.

We believe that loss of "sense of place" doesn't happen in a vacuum.

If We Only Had a Movie Theater (and more...)

July 31, 2012

Dear info at Millbrook,

I am just throwing out an idea here.

We all love Millbrook, but the town center is dying.

It is worse each week. I have heard the same statement from Millbrook people for years, " if we only had a move theater etc" well we once did, that was before Bennett went out and a good number of retail stores also closed.

Smoke, Mirrors and Lack of Transparency - Insider Trading on the Town Board

An Open Letter From Didi Barrett
May 25, 2011

Last week a letter from Town of Washington Supervisor Fussy Prisco was sent to me. It was not sent to my home in Millbrook, where I live full time, but to the apartment in NYC where my husband lives during the week. It said, “I appreciate your willingness to serve on the Town Council, and complete the term left vacant with the resignation of William Murphy. The Town Board had a very lively and spirited discussion, as we had very qualified people expressing their interest.

Deja Vu All Over Again

Doreen A. Tignanelli
December 07, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Having read Mr. Giardina's letter regarding the proposed Millbrook wetland ordinance, I found the comments attributed to Richard Cantor, Rob Dyson's attorney, very interesting. According to Mr. Giardina's letter, Mr.

Millerton News

Julia Widdowson and Mish Tworkowski
May 13, 2010

To the Editor:

In an April 1 article on the draft visioning statement for the Town of Washington Comprehensive Plan Review, committee chair Tom Beaumont was quoted as saying that some people were opposed to the inclusion of “diversity of housing” in that vision statement. We would like to take this opportunity to state for the record that Millbrook Matters, a citizens’ group with a mission to raise public awareness about the issues that face our community, supports affordable housing without reservation.

However, while we wholeheartedly support diversity in our community and affordable housing for all, we do not endorse the development of any new high-density housing in the countryside. Such “greenfield” development leads inevitably to higher taxes and environmental degradation, and should only be a last resort after all possibility of infill development and adaptive reuse has been exhausted.

Millbrook Matters

Jeffrey Lark
November 24, 2008

Response to Letter to Editor from Hester Weeden I read Ms. Weeden's letter in regard to my letter to the Round Table. It appears that perhaps she may think that Manzi and I had spoke before submitting our letters. I can assure you that I was not aware of Manzi's letter to the editor prior to publication.

Millbrook Round Table

Robert Plummer
November 20, 2008

Answers NeededDear Editor,
The vote is in, and there will be no Positive Declaration from the village planning board on the proposed Bennett Redevelopment project. A recent Millbrook Round Table editorial asserts that the planning board had been given a (nearly) mission impossible. That’s a bit over the top, since SEQRA simply requires of the planning board to consider ANY adverse impacts that MIGHT CONCEIVABLY result from its approval, and if there are any it is to return a positive declaration. A negative declaration would mean that not a single adverse impact was found.

Millbrook Round Table

Kate Farrell
July 17, 2008

Creative SolutionsIn recent Village meetings a small core of vocal residents and non-residents have called for selling the Thorne Building. It would be a major blunder.

While selling Thorne is an option for the Village Board, they have decided to spend time exploring possible income sources that would not only sustain the costs of maintaining the Thorne Building but would go far to revive our business community. The Board has chosen to be creative, open and pro-active in the matter.

Millbrook Round Table

Hester Weeden
June 12, 2008

Letter to the Editor

Mr. Jeffrey Lark’s and Mrs. Manzi-Doro’s recent letters to the Roundtable are prime examples of the now-rejected “old politics” of Karl Rove. Characterized by personal attacks and misrepresentations, they do nothing to further the debate about what should happen at Bennett College.

Millbrook Round Table

Eve Propp
February 07, 2008

To the Editor:
What will Millbrook do without its Department Store? There has been a department store in that location for the past 100 years. The same owner has owned it now for the past 16 years. But as rents go up stores are leaving town.

Millerton News

Stephen Kaye
February 07, 2008

Letter to the Editor:
A new voice entered the Great Debate over the Durst plan with the letter to the editor signed by Vivian and Joe Grotto. Joe is a real estate broker and consultant in Durst’s employ. They cite eight alleged benefits of the ambitious plan to convert 2,2oo acres of northern Dutchess countryside into a planned weekend community of 951 separate households and a new golf course.

Let us look at the supposed benefits.

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