County Infirmary

What's the Big Secret?

Kate Farrell
December 10, 2006

Juveniles and Adults on Probation Will Report to County Infirmary in MillbrookAlthough Town and Village officials have remained silent regarding the plan, studies conducted by the County Executive's office in 2000 and in 2003, contend that the Infirmary (now the Mental Health Clinic) on County Road and Oak Summit Road has been defined as a site worthy of development because of its "central location in Dutchess County and to fulfill a County need to have a stronger administrative presence in the eastern and central section of Dutchess".

According to the operating certificate for the facility, 17 employees (12 full time and 5 part time) currently work at the site. The Mental Health Services that operate at the center treat about 88 adults during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

In the County's plan to upgrade, the new range of services will include:

Probation (Adults and Juveniles on Probation, drug and alcohol testing, DNA Testing)
Social Services (Medicaid, food stamps, temporary services)
Mental Hygiene (Continuing Treatment Center, Hudson Valley Mental Health)
Youth Services (NYS Office of Children and Family Services)
Health Services (Environmental Health, Home Health Care, Clinic Services)

Depending on which report is cited; estimates for new staff vary from 78 to 50.