Elected Officials
Mayor: Laura M. Hurley
Deputy Mayor: Stan C. Morse  
Board of Trustees: Edward B. Cox
Thomas J. Whalen
Village Justice: Louis Prisco  
Village of Millbrook:
P O Box 349
35 Merritt Ave.
Millbrook, NY 12545

Tel 845 677-3939
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Appointed Positions
Village Clerk/FOIL Officer: Linda T. Wiltse 677-3939
Deputy Clerk: Camille Prehatney  
Court Clerk: Shirley Evert 677-8277
Zoning Enforcement Officer : Ken McLaughlin 677-1195

Report From The Village Board

Stan Morse, Village Trustee
April 14, 2009

This eighth quarterly report from the Village Board to residents covers the period January through March, 2009.

WATER AND SEWER In January the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) awarded a modification of the use permit for the Village of Millbrook from a monthly reading to a rolling annual average. While DEC will now focus on the new reading, monthly use data will still be available. Included in the use permit change were several improvements required at our Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF).

Report From The Village Board

Stan Morse, Village Trustee
January 23, 2009

This seventh quarterly Report from the Village Board covers the period of October through December 2008.

POLICE. In October local Police Commissioner John Imperato resigned his position. Also in October the Village returned the loaned radar speed wagon to the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office`after a successful period of over a month.

Report From The Village Board

Stan Morse, Village Trustee
December 31, 2007

From October through December 2007 your Village Board is pleased to note several accomplishments:

AMBULANCE SERVICE. For several years we have relied on Rescue Squad volunteers for 12 hours a day, and paid service from Alamo Ambulance for 12 hours a day, sever days a week.¬  The paid service previously cost us approximately $30,000 annually, including contract and reimbursement monies. The same service for 2008 would cost over $200,000 if we have seven day coverage.¬  This spectacular increase has occurred throughout our county, and other municipalities are also struggling with it.¬ 

Our Volunteer Millbrook Rescue Squad has responded by increasing their coverage to 24 hours on weekends, so the estimated cost for 2008 should be about $150,000.¬ ¬  Please be sure to thank your neighbors who are providing all this service and who have recruited a number of new people to help out.¬  More EMTs, First Responders and Drivers are still needed, however, so we‚Äôre not out of the woods.¬  If you can help at all, please contact Liz Baldwin at 702-6224, our recruitment coordinator.

Note should be made that Trustee Judy Bondus is a new Rescue Squad member, having finished¬  basic training and starting the mandatory probationary period in January 2008.